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postfix Docker image.
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Image providing Postfix as a service.

You should make sure you mount spool volume (/var/spool/postfix) so that you do not
lose e-mail data when you are recreating a container. If a volume is empty, image
will initialize it at the first startup.

By default it is configured for sending outbound e-mails. Otherwise, you can extend
the image and configure it differently. See these examples:

  • cloyne/postfix, which extends it to integrate
    it with tozd/sympa mailing lists service
  • tozd/mail, which extends it to provide a full-fledged
    e-mail service with virtual users

Remember that for the best e-mail delivery external IP should match the hostname it resolves to.

If you are extending this image, you can add two scripts which will be run at a container startup:

  • /etc/service/postfix/run.config – to prepare any custom configuration, before anything else is run
  • /etc/service/postfix/run.initialization – will be run after the container is initialized, but before the
    Postfix daemon is run
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