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Docker image for Oracle XE 11g R2

This project is developed to build a Docker image including Oracle XE 11g R2 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Key points:

  • OS version: Ubuntu 16.04
  • Oracle version: XE 11g R2
  • Exposed ports:
    • 8080 - Oracle Application Express HTTP port
    • 1521 - Oracle Listener port
  • Environment Arguments:
    • USERS : Name(s) of Oracle user(s) to be created
    • PASSWORDS : Password(s) of Oracle user(s) to be created
      • USERS=user1 PASSWORDS=pass1
      • USERS=user1,user2,user3 PASSWORDS=pass1,pass2,pass3
  • System user password: system


You can download the image with this command line:

docker pull tpedocker/oracle

Docker-compose example


version: '2'
    image: hello-world
      - oracle
    image: tpedocker/oracle
      - "1521:1521"
      - "8081:8080"
      USERS: user1,user2
      PASSWORDS: pass1,pass2


docker-compose up -d

Standalone example

  1. Run with no custom users

    docker run -dit --name oracle -p 1521:1521 -p 8081:8080 tpedocker/oracle

  2. Run with single user

    docker run -dit --name oracle -e USERS=user1 -e PASSWORDS=pass1 -p 1521:1521 -p 8081:8080 tpedocker/oracle

  3. Run with multiple users

    docker run -dit --name oracle -e USERS=user1,user2 -e PASSWORDS=pass1,pass2 -p 1521:1521 -p 8081:8080 tpedocker/oracle


Note: You can use your custom users and passwords, if you supplied the necessary arguments.

hostname: localhost
port: 1521
sid: xe
username: system
password: system


Note: Apex users and database users are not same.
Apex Docs
Default settings:

Application express url: localhost:8081/apex
Workspace: INTERNAL
Username: admin
Password: oracle

Docker Pull Command