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This container is a builder and submitter for Pyleus Storm topologies. It can be used either with vanilla Docker or fig to turn a Pyleus topology into a packaged .jar file, or to submit said .jar to a Storm cluster.
This package is intended to be used if you don't wish to install Storm natively.

Docker Usage

Pull the image from the Docker registry:

docker pull trackmaven/pyleus-builder

Building Topologies

Navigate to the directory where your Pyleus topology lives. You'll need to bind your topology's directory to the /topology directory in the container using Docker's -v flag, and point the build command to your pyleus_topology.yaml:

docker run -v /absolute/path/to/my/topology:/topology 'trackmaven/pyleus-builder' build pyleus_topology.yaml

This will create a .jar file in your topology directory, containing your built Pyleus topology. The name of the topology .jar will be generated from the name field in your pyleus_topology.yaml.

Submitting Topologies

Once you have built your topology, you can submit it to a running Storm cluster using the following command, replacing NIMBUS_HOST and NIMBUS_PORT with their equivalents for your cluster.

docker run -v /absolute/path/to/my/topology:/topology 'trackmaven/pyleus-builder' submit -n <NIMBUS_HOST> -p <NIMBUS_PORT> my-topology.jar

This will upload your topology to your Storm cluster!

Fig Usage

Using fig (soon to be docker-compose) makes using this image even easier!

Add the following to your fig.yml at the root of your topology directory:

    image: trackmaven/pyleus-builder
        - .:/topology

Building Topologies

To build a topology:

fig run builder build pyleus_topology.yaml

As with the Docker example, you will end up with a .jar of your topology in your topology directory.

Submitting Topologies

To submit a topology to a running Storm cluster:

fig run builder submit my-topology.jar
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