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Docker Pets as a Service
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PaaS is a simple application that's useful for testing out features of Docker Datacenter.

PaaS is comprised of two images:

  • training/paas is a front-end Python Flask container that serves up random images of housepets, depending on the given configuration
  • consul is a back-end KV store that stores the number of visits that the web services receive. It's configured to bootstrap itself with 3 replicas so that we have fault tolerant persistence.

Running a Single Container, Stateless App

$ docker run -it -p 5000:5000 training/paas

Running PaaS on Swarm & UCP in Development

Docker Swarm can easily be setup to run applications on a single developer laptop. The full app can be brought up to run in the same way it would run in production. We use a compose v3 file to deploy a fully fault tolerant frontend and backend, along with the configurations, secrets, and networks required for the application to run.

This is the full architecture that is deployed when using pets-dev-compose.yml.

$ git clone ~/docker-paas 
$ docker stack deploy -c pets-dev-compose.yml paas
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