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a year ago

Thanks adanav ~!

a year ago

I did all the stuff mentioned by rafaftahsin, and it all seemed to work, but then when I committed my image and re-ran it, ruby --version still says 1.9.3p484. I'm new to docker, so maybe I'm missing something, but I thought the commit was supposed to keep the updates? The tutorial seems to suggest that installing the json gem and committing will save an image that has the json gem installed. Anyone have any thoughts?

a year ago

If you get the error

json requires Ruby version ~> 2.0.

run ...

sudo su

apt-get install curl

curl -#LO

gpg --import mpapis.asc

curl -sSL | bash -s stable

source /etc/profile.d/

rvm requirements

rvm list known

rvm install 2.3.0

rvm use 2.3.0 --default

ruby --version

[Thanks adanav for the link]

a year ago

Thanks adanav, the posted tutorial works!!!

a year ago

it's not yum/rpm to use in this image.
and yes, update ruby. or change tutorial to use something like
gem install bundler

a year ago

Yes, please update image for Ruby v2.x.

a year ago

Neither yum not rpm are working in this image.

a year ago

Please update image to include at least version 2.0.0 from Ruby. In the tutorial "Build your own images" a example is used with command: gem install json. Minimum required ruby version is 2.0.0 for this gem. Packaged version is ruby 1.9.3