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This image contains a java class that copies random files.
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A java class that copies random files that are located in a folder and it subsequent folders to a
destination, supplying options such as limiting the number of files, the total space in bytes to copy,
or filtering the files by its extension; ensuring that the files with the same name are not overwritten by renaming them.


  • Limits the number of files to copy
  • Limits the bytes to be copied into the destinaion
  • Filter the available files by several extensions

To be done

  • Include hidden files
  • Option to copy the files with the folders where they were
  • Filter the files by matching some string in the name


You can use the RandomFileCopier by two ways:

  1. Instantiating the RandomFileCopier class in your java project
int maxFilesToCopy = 25;
int maxBytes = 50000;
String[] extensions = new String[]{"mp3", "txt", "xml", "pdf"};

RandomFileCopier copier = new RandomFileCopier("/source_folder/", "/target_folder/", maxFilesToCopy);
// copier.abort()
  1. Using it as a command line program with the packaged .jar (available in
    releases) passing arguments to it
    (thanks to docopt) with the following usage:
    java -jar RandomFileCopier.jar <source_directory> <target_directory> <max_files> [-v] [-s=<maxbytes>] [-e=<extension>]...

    -h, --help                     Show this help text.
    <max_files>                    The maximum number of files.
    -v, --verbose                  Show some extra information of the process.
    -e, --extension=<extension>    A required extension of a file to be copied.
    -s, --space=<maxbytes>         The maximum bytes to copy in the destination.


java -jar RandomFileCopier-0.2.3.jar /source /target 10 -v -s=5000 -e=pdf -e=txt  

Would print:

Scanning source directory...
XY files found
Copying files to the destination directory...
Copied .../folder/under/source/file0.txt [31415 B]
Copied .../folder/under/source/file1.txt [31415 B]
Copied .../folder/under/source/file2.txt [31415 B]
Copied .../folder/under/source/file3.pdf [31415 B]
Copied .../folder/under/source/file4.pdf [31416 B]
Done. 5 files, xyz B copied
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