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Prometheus exporter for Redis metrics. Supports Redis 2.x and 3.x (automated build)
Full Description

Redis Metrics Exporter

Prometheus exporter for Redis metrics.<br>
Supports Redis 2.x and 3.x

Building, configuring, and running

Locally build and run it:

    $ go get
    $ go build
    $ ./redis_exporter <flags>

You can also run it via docker:

    $ docker pull 21zoo/redis_exporter
    $ docker run -d --name redis_exporter -p 9121:9121 21zoo/redis_exporter

Add a block to the scrape_configs of your prometheus.yml config file:



- job_name: redis_exporter
  - targets: ['localhost:9121']


and adjust the host name accordingly.


Name Description
redis.addr Address of one or more redis nodes, comma separated, defaults to localhost:6379.
redis.password Password to use when authenticating to Redis
namespace Namespace for the metrics, defaults to redis.
web.listen-address Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry, defaults to
web.telemetry-path Path under which to expose metrics, defaults to metrics.

These settings take precedence over any configurations provided by environment variables.

Environment Variables

Name Description
REDIS_PASSWORD Password to use when authenticating to Redis

What's exported?

Most items from the INFO command are exported,
see for details.<br>
In addition, for every database there are metrics for total keys, expiring keys and the average TTL for keys in the database.<br>

What does it look like?

Example PromDash screenshots:<br>

What else?

Open an issue or PR if you have more suggestions or ideas about what to add.

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