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Unifi4 with mongodb3.2. Originally based on the work by
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Dockerfile for unifi4 with mongodb3.2. Originally based on the work by, but has diverged significantly.


Mongo3 has built in support for the "wiredtiger" storage engine, which does snappy compression inline to the disk by default. This has huge performance and storage benefits.


If you want to modify the Dockerfile, clone this repo, modify it, and run docker build . from within it. If you plan to just use the image as is, you can pull it from my docker hub repo docker pull travishegner/unifi4-mdb3. This is an automated build on docker hub, so what you see here is what is running in the image.

Current Concerns

This particular image leaves apt in a broken dependency state. You will have trouble if you launch a shell in it and attempt to troubleshoot it. The mongodb-org package conflicts with the mongodb-server package but doesn't provide it. The unifi package depends on mongodb-server. I tried a dummy package to provide mongodb-server and depend on mongodb-org, but mongodb-org would not allow them to be installed together since it conflicts with mongodb-server.

This could be fixed by either the unifi team to change their depends line to allow "mongodb-org" as a dependency. It could also be fixed by the mongodb team if they "provide" mongodb-server. Take it up with them. The most appropriate fix would be for the unifi team to remove a dependency on any mongodb package, and allow one to run the mongodb instance anywhere they want. This would greatly improve flexibility.

In the meantime, if you /need/ to install a package to a running container, you should be able to do so with apt-get download <package> and dpkg -i --force-conflicts <package>*.deb, or some variation thereof.

Enhancements to original

  • Fixed permissions to allow the service to run as "nobody".
  • Added an script to launch the unifi service, as well as capture signals to allow the clean termination of the mongodb instance, just in case the unifi service didn't terminate it properly. Most of the is based on the original unifi init script.
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