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A HAProxy container tailored for gocd-server; listens to default http and https.
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To run this docker container use the following command

docker run -d travix/gocd-haproxy:latest

Environment variables

In order to configure the haproxy load balancer for providing ssl on port 443 for your gocd server you can use the following environment variables

Name Description Default value
BACKEND_SERVER The ip address of the gocd server localhost
BACKEND_SERVER_PORT The http port the gocd server listens to 8153
SSL_CERTIFICATE_NAME The pem filename for the ssl certificate used on port 443 self-signed-certificate.pem

To run haproxy to redirect to ssl and provide access through normal https port (443) to gocd server run the following command

docker run -d \
    -e "" \
    -e "BACKEND_SERVER_PORT=8153" \
    -e "" \

Mounting volumes

In order to keep your ssl certificate outside of the container on the host machine you can mount the following directories

Directory Description Importance
/etc/haproxy Configuration for haproxy If configuration needs to be different from the one in the container
/etc/ssl/certs CA certificates Keep these files safe
/etc/ssl/private/ SSL certificates Keep these files safe

Start the container like this to mount the directories

docker run -d \
    -e "" \
    -e "BACKEND_SERVER_PORT=8153" \
    -e "" \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/config:/etc/haproxy
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/ssl-certs:/etc/ssl/certs
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/ssl-private:/etc/ssl/private

To make sure the process in the container can read and write to those directories create a user and group with same gid and uid on the host machine

groupadd -r -g 999 haproxy
useradd -r -g haproxy -u 999 haproxy

And then change the owner of the host directories

chown -R haproxy:haproxy /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/config
chown -R haproxy:haproxy /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/ssl-certs
chown -R haproxy:haproxy /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/ssl-private
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