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Haproxy container for tls termination inside a Kubernetes pod
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HAProxy load balancer


To run this docker container use the following command

docker run -d travix/haproxy:latest

Environment variables

In order to configure the haproxy load balancer for providing ssl on port 443 for your gocd server you can use the following environment variables

Name Description Default value
BASIC_AUTH Space separated list of users for BasicAuth
OFFLOAD_TO_PORT The http port the actual application inside the Kubernetes pod listens to 5000
SSL_CERTIFICATE_NAME The pem filename for the ssl certificate used on port 443 ssl.pem
X_FORWARDED_FOR_HEADER X-Forwarded-For header value to check X-Forwarded-For
X_FRAME_OPTIONS X-Frame-Options header value DENY

Custom port

docker run -d -e "OFFLOAD_TO_PORT=8153" travix/haproxy:latest

IP Whitelisting

docker run -d \

Basic authentication

docker run -d \
    -e "BASIC_AUTH=user1:pass1234 user2:1234pass" \

Mounting volumes

In order to keep your ssl certificate outside of the container on the host machine you can mount the following directory

Directory Description Importance
/etc/ssl/private/ SSL certificates Store the files in a Kubernetes secret

Start the container like this to mount the directories

docker run -d \
    -e "OFFLOAD_TO_PORT=8153" \
    -e "" \
    -v /mnt/persistent-disk/gocd-haproxy/ssl-private:/etc/ssl/private
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