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Magic caching proxy and wrapper to speed up those Docker build times.
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Ever get tired of waiting for your docker images to apt-get update?

Yeah, me too. So does Jenkins.

Use this with something similar to the provided wrapper around docker and docker-compose, which automatically add --build-args for http_proxy and https_proxy. For docker-compose, you'll need to add in a blank passthrough build_arg for the proxy URLs, as shown in


Just use the docker-compose.yml:

# Start proxy instance
docker-compose up -d

This compose file sets restart=always, making sure it's always available when you need it.
Due to this, the provided docker-compose.yml file requires docker-compose>=1.6.0 due to it's requirement on version 2 syntax.

You'll then need to wrap docker and docker-compose by putting the provided script in your local user PATH, somewhere before the wrapped commands.
If you don't have one of these setup:

mkdir -p "$HOME/bin"
echo 'PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc



Every once in a while you run into a crappy image that doesn't support the http_proxy build argument.
In that case, just set the NOPROXY variable for that run:

## Standard
$ docker build -t blah .
$ NOPROXY=1 !!
#           ^ Replaced with last command in most shells.
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