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Extra ordinary Docker images for Salt. Whales love Salt, so let's give it to them! Yeah!
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Salty Whales

A salty whale is a happy whale.
You do want your whales to be happy, don't you?

Gimme the rundown like motown


  • Automated builds through CircleCI, pushed to Docker hub.
  • Every pair of OS Codename + Salt Release is available.
  • Easily add more via a simple variable. No really.
  • Originally named docker-ubuntu-salt-minion. (boo)
  • No longer named docker-ubuntu-salt-minion as I chose to include the rest of Salt as it was tiny in comparison. (woo)


  • There are some helpers included; it's insanely easy, check out bin/sls after dropping salt and pillar folders in your $PWD.
  • All helpers are included in your PATH, as you'd expect from a sane container.
  • Mount them in as volumes on, say the standard /srv/pillar and /srv/salt.
  • Utilize pytest-testinfra, or salt-layers, go wild! Beyond your wildest fantasies! Wowzers!


Q: My whales are far too salty, they seem uncomfortable

A: Nonsense! A salty whale is a happy whale. It says that right in the README.

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