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Short Description
Docker image for a local development environment for Tribler.
Full Description

Developement docker image

This docker image is meant to make it easier to work on the development of Tribler by extracting
all the dependencies in a docker container.

How to use

Currently this docker image only works on linux/unix machines, because of the way the gui is passed to the host's x server

To make use of this image, first clone the tribler/tribler repository or your own fork somewhere on your computer:

git clone --recursive

Then pull this image from docker hub:

docker pull tribler/docker-tribler-dev

Or build it yourself by building from this repository:

git clone
docker build -t tribler/docker-tribler-dev docker-tribler-dev

When the image is pulled or built, it can be run by executing this command:

sudo docker run -it --rm \
-v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
-v <absolute location to the tribler repo>:/home/tribler/code \

If the state directory (~/.Tribler) needs to be preserved or altered, it can be mapped to the container by adding

-v <absolute location to the state folder>:/home/tribler/.Tribler

In the running container Tribler can be executed by running:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository