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Base container for running ansible plays. Contains ansible + dependencies
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A container based off of ansible/centos7-ansible, with added optional core module dependencies.

Now built from base OS images and running Ansible's integration tests via Travis-CI.


Ansible no longer maintains images in Dockerhub directly. There are
several Ansible images on Dockerhub that are maintained by members of
the Ansible community, which you can find with the following search

This is a Fork - NOT maintained by Ansible, Inc.


These are base docker images that include Ansible.

Ansible, Inc used to maintain these images so that people could easily build docker images from ansible playbooks.

This fork is NOT owned by or maintained by Ansible, Inc. Use at your own risk!

NOTE: I may not be able to maintain this image very well, as it is not my day job. My hope is that this is of good or better quality than most community images out there. As such, I do not guarantee the quality of the version of Ansible that is installed here. In my attempt to run the integration tests within Docker both on Travis-CI and via my local Boot2Docker image, I have come to find that some of the pre-packaged Ansible integration tests tend to fail out of the box in different ways on the different platforms (e.g.: the unicode, destructive, and non_destructive test suites). This only reflects the state of working integrations and features of the released version of Docker plus Ansible, plus Ansible core modules and shipped versions of dependencies on these platforms, and that certain things may be broken differently on each. You may not encounter these bugs, but the tests show that they are there. Each platform is slightly different in the versions of software packaged with each, and as such will potentially exhibit different behavior. The combinations of various software versions on these platforms must be understood to be a holistic system with many sub-systems and components, so the amount of work to get all this working together is large and is a community effort.


FROM ansible/centos7-ansible:stable
RUN yum -y groupinstall "Development tools" && \
    yum -y install python-devel MySQL-python sshpass && \
    pip install pyrax pysphere boto passlib && \
    yum -y remove $(rpm -qa "*-devel") && \
    yum -y groupremove "Development tools" && \
    yum -y autoremove && \
    yum -y install bzip2 file findutils git gzip hg procps-ng svn sudo tar which unzip xz zip
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