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The TrinityCore database, built with mariadb. This is one of the three images required to have a functioning TrinityCore server. This page will instruct you on setting up all three.


You must have already run trinitycore/extractor. If not, please follow the instructions here and then return to this page when you are finished.



To run the TrinityCore server, you must run three images: trinitycore/db, trinitycore/authserver, and trinitycore/worldserver.

To setup the database, simply run:

docker run -d -e "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=GreatBeyond" --name tc-db


  • The -d instructs docker to run this as a daemon.
  • -e "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=GreatBeyond" the password for our database. This CAN NOT be changed, it must remain GreatBeyond. Case matters.
  • --name gives us a static name that we will use later on when linking this container to other docker containers.

NOTE do not expose any ports on local host unless you know what you are doing, we can greatly limit access to our database using docker.

Persistant data

With the above command, everytime you delete the container you will loose all of your server data. It will start from scratch on reboot. This is probably not what you want. We strongly recommend that you mount your own data volue to /var/lib/mysql. This folder can be downloaded as a zip archive from here. To use your own volume, use this extended command in place of the one above:

docker run -d -v "/path/to/data":/var/lib/mysql --name tc-db

where /path/to/data is the path to the unzipped file you downloaded.


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