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Golang app builder
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Docker Golang builder

Docker image for building Golang projects, the image is based on CentOS7.

This docker image will produce another docker image, named $DOCKER_IMAGE.


  • Access to Docker daemon socket.
  • Dockerfile, it must be located on the root directory of the project to be built.


$ mkdir -p src/
$ git clone src/

$ docker run --rm -e DOCKER_IMAGE="image-name:latest" \
  -e APP_NAME="app_name" \
  -e APP_VERSION="`git describe --tags" \
  -v "$$PWD/src:/go/src" \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock tripledes/centos-golang-builder

Environment variables

  • PROJECT_PATH: Path to the source code, default none
  • APP_NAME: It'll be used for the binary name, default project name
  • DOCKER_IMAGE: Docker image name, default none
  • APP_VERSION: It can be used on the Dockerfile as ARG, e.g. for labels, default none
  • DOCKER_BUILD: Override docker build parameters, default build
  • GO_BUILD: Override go build parameters, default build

Working examples


  • Go 1.6.x
  • Docker 1.11.x
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