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Extension of official mongodb image that allows you to map the user and group IDs
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DEPRECATED: this image is not supported any longer


Dockerfile to build a MongoDB container image, based on the official MongoDB docker image.
This image however does not properly map the user and group ID of the mongodb user, to the user and group ID on the host. As a result, files in shared volumes will be inaccessible by the host user.

Quick start

The quickest way to get started is using docker-compose.


Start MongoDB using

docker-compose up

Available Configuration Parameters

In addition to the official image, this image provides these environment variables

  • DEBUG: Set this to true to enable entrypoint debugging.
  • USERMAP_UID: Sets the user ID for user mongodb to the specified user ID. Defaults to 1000.
  • USERMAP_GID: Sets the group ID for user mongodb to the specified group ID. Defaults to 1000.
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