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Time Capsule on Raspberry Pi for storing Time Machine backups (rpi-raspbian + bobrik/time-container)
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Time Capsule for Raspberry Pi

Docker container that creates an AFP share for storing Time Machine backups.


Based on and


docker run -d -p <docker_host_ip>:548:548 -v <docker_host_dir>:/share \ -e AFPD_LOGIN=<login> -e AFPD_PASSWORD=<password> \ -e AFPD_NAME="<share name>" -e AFPD_SIZE_LIMIT=<size limit in mb if needed> \ --name <container name> trnape/rpi-timecapsule

This will bind afpd to docker host ip address and mount
directory on docker host to container.

Memory limit

Starting a container with constraint on memory should prevent memory exhaustion on the host. RPi can even crash on a failed memory allocation for a kernel thread.
docker run --memory 64M -d -p ...


Open Finder, then press ⌘K. Enter afp://<docker_host_ip> and
press Connect. Enter login and password you supplied at
the run stage.

That's it!

Time machine

Note that Time Machine will not work on non-standard port, so use 548.

You may need to run the following command to enable Time machine backups:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Docker Pull Command