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This docker image setup a full openerp environment, with pre-installed PostgreSQL and LibreOffice headless services.

A one-command quick installation script is available (Ubuntu 14.04 only):

curl -sSL  | /bin/bash

The script is doing a lot for you, it will install docker and docker-compose, then pull the docker image from the hub and configure the container with a docker-compose.yml file in $HOME/docker/odoo-latest/. It will also add the container into upstart config to automatically run it at the next host start up.


This image is based on trobz/sshd + his own dependencies.

OS / Services

  • Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
  • Supervisord 3.0b2
  • PostgreSQL 9.3.5
  • Python 2.7.6 / 3.4.0
  • Odoo 9.0 (master branch) + all required python packages (setup based on offical odoo


Odoo demo

If the env ODOO_DEMO is set to 1, the container will setup a Odoo instance for you by creating the database and adding a supervisord configuration for Odoo.

Then, you will have a running Odoo instance accessible on http://localhost:<port-map-to-8069>/ out-of-the-box.


PostgreSQL 9.3 is set up to store data, configuration and logs on external volume to keep databases persistent.

To keep your PostgreSQL database persistn, you have to bind a volume like this:


IDE remote debugging

The remote debugging can be auto-configured at start up, to enable it,
you have to bind the debugging python source from your IDE to a specific folder:


The init script will automatically setup PyCharm and Eclipse debugger and update the default user PYTHONPATH to enable remote debugging.


Several ports are exposed:

  • 8069: openerp service
  • 5432: PostgreSQL service
  • 22: ssh server (see trobz/sshd image)
  • 8011: supervisord http interface (see trobz/supervisord image)
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