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Performs MySQL backups with bzip2 compression and send dumps to S3
Full Description

Trouvus MySQL dump container

This image runs mysqlbackup, compresses its output with bzip2 and saves the result on S3.


  • MYSQL_HOST - mysql hostname or ip, default mysql
  • MYSQL_PORT - mysql port, default 3306
  • MYSQL_USER - mysql username. This user's minimal permission should be SELECT
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD - backup user's password
  • MYSQL_MASTER_DATA - value for mysqldump's --master-data parameter. Default 0
  • MYSQL_DUMP_SLAVE - value for --dump-slave, devault 0
  • MYSQLDUMP_PARAMS - additional mysqldump parameters, default --all-databases --single-transaction --quick --opt
  • S3_LOCATION_TEMPLATE - a template for the dump result S3 location, musqt be in the format of bucket/location/object_name. It is interpreted with date + command,
    so the satndard date/time substitutions can be used, e.g. S3_LOCATION_TEMPLATE=my-bucket/backups/server1/dump-%Y%m%d.sql.bz2

AWS authentication

Standard awscli is used for S3 uploads, so any of
its authentication methods can be used:

  • using AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables, or
  • mounting a credentials file into /root/.aws/credentials, if settings variable is not acceptable
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