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Collection of docker images created by the Trovit Tech Team.
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Trovit Dockerfile hub

This project is part of the Trovit's Docker Hub account.

Below you can find a collection of docker images created by the Trovit Tech Team. Feel free
to comment, suggest or collaborate anything.

Image Tag Description
trovit/docker-hub:beanstalkd-prod prod A light beanstalkd server based in Alpine.
trovit/docker-hub:beanstalkd-dev dev Include beanstool cli tool. Type beanstool -h to get a complete list of available commands.
trovit/docker-hub:php-kafka-prod prod PHP-FPM 5 daemon with php7-rdkafka extension enabled.
trovit/docker-hub:php-kafka-dev dev PHP-FPM 5 tweaked for development (including composer, xdebug, profiler, SSH) with php-kafka extension enabled.
trovit/docker-hub:proxy-kafka - Include the Kafka-Pixy that it is a local aggregating HTTP proxy to Kafka. All based in ubuntu. It is necessary to define two variables KAFKA_PROXY_HOSTS and ZOOKEEPER_PROXY_HOSTS
trovit/docker-hub:gitlab-runner-docker - Gilab-runner (CI) for run dockerized projects. We recommend sharing the docker host daemon, gitlab-runner/config folder and certs folders from host to inside container.
trovit/docker-hub:gearman - A Gearman 0.33 image over debian:wheezy. Exposes port 4730

Example of use:

Up any container locally running the next command in your project root path:

$ docker run -it -d --name=php-kafka -v $PWD:/app -v ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh -p "2222:22" trovit/docker-hub:php-kafka-dev

Then you can SSH into:

$ ssh root@125.0.1 -p 2222 (type root as password too)

only if SSH is available. Alternative you can use:

$ docker exec -it php-kafka sh

or directly execute any command:

$ docker exec -it php-kafka composer update

But, if you prefer, you can create a docker-compose.yml file and save it in your project:

version: '2'

        image: trovit/docker-hub:php-kafka-dev
        container_name: php-kafka
            - $PWD:/app
            - ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh
            - "2222:22"

Welcome to our Docker playground!!

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