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Photo Processing Micro Service for Lens - Photo-sharing App
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Photo Processor

Photo Processing Micro-service for photo upload to Amazon S3 and keyword generation from Clarifai API
Lensity main repo


Table of Contents

  1. Team
  2. Usage
  3. Docker Development
    1. Build Image
  4. Local Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. API Key Set-UP
      1. Create api-key.js
      2. S3 access keys
      3. Clarifai
  5. Contributing


  • POST /photoProcessor/upload/:id
    Web server from Lensity sends POST /photoProcessor/upload/:id request to photo-processor service. Multer looks for the form data name attribute 'photo' and a save to local disk storage. Photo is scraped for GPS metadata, saved to S3 and then send to Clarifai AI to generate list of keywords associated with the photo.

  • POST /photoProcessor/validPhoto
    Checks the if uploaded photo is in a valid format

Docker Development

Build Image

In root folder run:

docker build -t photo-processor:0.1 .

Local Development

Installing Dependencies

From within the root directory

npm install
brew install graphicsmagick
brew install imagemagick

API Key Set-Up:

Create api-key.js

  • Copy api-key-sample.js and rename to api-key.js

S3 access keys

  • Set-up S3 account
  • Obtain access keys, bucket and region
  • Update api-key.js


  • Obtain access keys Clarifai
  • Update api-key.js


See for contribution guidelines.

Docker Pull Command