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Main App for Lens - Photo-sharing App
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Finding connection with a human lens


Table of Contents

  1. Micro-Services
  2. Requirements
  3. Usage
  4. Docker Development
    1. Build Image
    2. Launch Docker Container
    3. Train Corpus
  5. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. Compile React
    3. Seed Database Data
    4. Train Data
  6. Team
  7. Contributing



  • Node 0.10.x
  • Postgresql 6.1.x
  • Webpack 1.13.x


  • POST /upload
    Request to upload a photo

  • GET /photos
    Request to get all of users photos

  • GET /stacks
    Request to get stacks from curator micro-service

  • POST /createPair
    Create a pair in the postgreSQL database

  • GET /getPairs
    Request to get the 5 most recently created pairs

  • GET /getRandStacks
    Request to curator to grab the 6 most recently created stacks for community view

Docker Development

Build Image

In root folder run:

docker build -t app .

Launch Docker Container

docker-compose up

Train Corpus

  • Use Postman to send POST request to


Installing Dependencies

From within the root directory:

npm install

Compile React

From within the root directory run webpack:

webpack -watch

Seed Database Data

From db/seeds directory:

Make sure postgres is running
Drop database and create empty database

drop database app;
create database app;

Restart main server

Run seed.js using node

run node seeds.js

pw: 123

  • If pushing to redis server, uncomment out the redis line. Note* this has not been tested.

Train Data

  • Upload training photos to S3
  • In curator/routes.js -> set training counter to first image file number (line 16)
  • Uncomment volume to trainingCorpus.json in yml file
  • Send POST request to main-web-server/kickoffTraining with postman
  • Copy and paste data in trainingCorpus.json in curator to trainingCorpus.json in simserver


See for contribution guidelines.

Docker Pull Command