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Dockerized isc-dhcp with tftp for PXE boot
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Dockerized isc-dhcp with tftp


Recommended to run it in --net=host mode only

docker run -d --restart=always --name some_dhcpd_container_name \
  --net=host \
  -v dhcpd_data:/data \
  -e DOMAIN="" \

where dhcpd_data is named data volume (will be created automaticaly on first run and usually placed in /var/lib/docker/volumes)

Env setting

  • DOMAIN - default domain name (option domain-name), by default not set
  • DNS - list of dns servers, default ","
  • IP, SUBNET, NETMASK, ROUTER - network settings, by default will try to detect automatically
  • RANGE - range IP's to lease (for example, no default)
  • FIXED - list of presetted host in format "MAC-addr, hostname, IP" per line or separated by ';'

for example
-e FIXED="08:00:27:94:FB:73 core01; 08:00:27:61:7F:00 core02"

    -e FIXED='
08:00:27:94:FB:73 core01
08:00:27:61:7F:00 core02
08:00:27:7B:DC:84 core03
' \

tftp server

  • TFTP - enable builtin tftp server if set
  • TFTPIP - IP of tftp server (if not used builtin - no any default)
  • COREOS=stable - use PXE images for coreos (download it automatically), one of stable,beta,alpha (WARNING! automatically download kernel and image into data volume if not exists BEFORE start )
  • PXE_AUTOLOGIN - enable autologin on PXE (only) if set
  • CLOUD_CONFIG - cloud-config-url, configuration file or bootstrap script
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