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CLI clients for Open Telekom Cloud V0.6
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v0.6 - 2017-04-11

Fix from 28formica77 (thx!).

Dedicated OTC CLI tools:

  • otc python tool v1.1 (revid d21494)
  • otc shell tool 0.7.10 (revid 1fc8b2)

Vanilla python CLI tools from version OpenStack:

  • python-ceilometerclient (1.0.13)
  • python-cinderclient (2.0.1)
  • python-glanceclient (2.6.0)
  • python-heatclient (0.3.0)
  • python-keystoneclient (3.10.0)
  • python-neutronclient (2.3.11)
  • python-novaclient (8.0.0)
  • python-openstackclient (3.9.0)
  • python-swiftclient (2.3.1) [remark: OTC currently doesn't support swift]

v0.5 - 2016-12-07

More commands are in CLI tooling, please check details in help information.

  • otc python tool v1.1 (revid 73047)
  • otc shell tool v0.6.36 (revid dc5ce8)
  • Removed otc java CLI tool from the container

v0.4 - 2016-09-16

  • New otc shell cli tooling, supports configuration of relational database service (RDS) as WIP (revid 910d4)
  • New otc python cli tooling v0.2 (2016-08-16)
  • nova openstack and heat cli tooling added

v0.3 - 2016-07-04

New otc shell cli tooling, supports configuration of key-pairs and elastic load balancer (ELB):

  • otc keypair show <KPNAME>
  • otc keypair create <NAME> [<PUBKEY>]
  • otc keypair delete <KPNAME>

  • otc elb delete <eid>

  • otc elb listlistener <eid>
  • otc elb addlistener <eid> <name> <proto> <port> [<alg> [<beproto> [<beport>]]]
  • otc elb dellistener <lid>
  • otc elb listmember <lid>
  • otc elb addmember <lid> <vmid> <vmip>
  • otc elb delmember <lid> <mid> <vmip>
  • otc elb showcheck <cid>
  • otc elb addcheck <lid> <proto> <port> <int> <to> <hthres> <uthres> [<uri>]
  • otc elb delcheck <cid>

See ( for more details.

v0.2 - 2016-06-28

It comprises:

  • otc python CLI tool v0.2.6, located in /usr/local/bin/otc
  • otc shell CLI tool 0.6, located in /root/otc-shell-cli
  • otc java CLI tool v0.0.1-SNAPSHOT, located in /root/otc-java-cli (*)

(*): Please note that the otc java CLI tool is deprecated, the python CLI tool is continued.

It comprises the vanilla python CLI tools from version OpenStack version Kilo:

  • python-cinderclient v1.1.1
  • python-dateutil v2.5.3
  • python-glanceclient v0.15.0
  • python-keystoneclient v1.2.0
  • python-neutronclient v2.3.11
  • python-novaclient v2.22.0

The image is based on Ubuntu 14.04 trusty 64Bit.

See /root/README.txt on howto setup the enviroment.

v0.1 - 2016-06-15

Based on Ubuntu 14.04 trusty 64Bit, python clients of OpenStack Kilo release and the otc shell cli and the otc java cli.

Package Versions:

  • python-cinderclient 1:1.1.1
  • python-glanceclient 1:0.15.0
  • python-keystoneclient 1:1.2.0
  • python-neutronclient 1:2.3.11
  • python-novaclient 1:2.22.0

Please find here more information on otc shell cli here.

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