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Pi Hole for Synology
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#Setup network
Create a new bridge and configure it as below:

  • Networkname: Pi-Hole_NET
  • Set manual configuration
  • Subnet:
  • Network:
  • Gateway:
    #Note: This network configuration gives your host always IP

Access your router GUI/CLI and create a static route (destination: network bridge interface docker) from your router to the synology node. Example: route add -net netmask gw

#Note: = IP Synology NAS.

#Add Container with the following options:

  • "Execute container using high privilege"
  • "Limit System Resources" (Low CPU and 256MB RAM)
  • "Restart automatically" (Restart after a Synology host reboot)
  • Advanced options: Select your Pi-Hole "Network"

#Change the following IP in:
nano /etc/pihole/local.list

#Add your own IP.

#Update blacklist:

pihole -g

Run the commands as test user:

su test

<password = test>

#To manual update your Pi Hole blacklist (cron job is already activated):

sudo /usr/local/bin/pihole -g

#To update your Pi Hole version:

sudo /usr/local/bin/pihole -up

#To change your password:

sudo pihole -a -p <my_password>

#To change Pi Hole setting run:

sudo /usr/sbin/service dnsmasq stop

sudo /usr/sbin/service lighttpd stop

sudo /usr/local/bin/pihole -r

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