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Shadowsocks Dockerized

About this image

This image is built to ease the deployment of the Shadowsocks server daemon with Docker.

For Shadowsocks clients, you want to visit

What is Shadowsocks

A secure socks5 proxy designed to protect your Internet traffic.


What is Docker

An open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins.


How to use this image

Start the daemon for the first time

$ docker run --name shadowsocks-app --detach --publish 58338:8338 shadowsocks/shadowsocks-libev -k "5ecret!"

To see all supported arguments, run

$ docker run --rm shadowsocks/shadowsocks-libev --help

To try the bleeding edge version of Shadowsocks, run with an unstable tag

$ docker run --name shadowsocks-app --detach --publish 58338:8338 shadowsocks/shadowsocks-libev:unstable -k "5ecret!"

Stop the daemon

$ docker stop shadowsocks-app

Start a stopped daemon

$ docker start shadowsocks-app


Simply run a docker pull to upgrade the image.

$ docker pull shadowsocks/shadowsocks-libev

Use in CoreOS


Use with fig



JSON Configuration File

This image doesn't support the JSON configuration at the moment. But I do plan to add the support in the future. So please stay tuned.

Specifying Hostname & Port

Docker containers don't have the power to specify on what hostname or port of the host should the service listen to. These have to be specified using the --publish argument of docker run.

See Docker run reference for more details.


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