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Big siblings watch their siblings and report to the big tsuru parent.
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bs (or big sibling) is a tsuru component, responsible for reporting
information on application containers, this information include application
logs, metrics and unit status.

bs runs inside a dedicated container on each Docker node and collects
information about all its sibling containers running on the same Docker node.

It also creates a syslog server, which is responsible for receiving all logs
from sibling containers. bs will then send these log entries to tsuru API and is
also capable of forwarding log entries to multiple remote syslog endpoints.

The sections below describe in details all the features of bs. The
reference contains more information on settings that control the way bs behaves.

Status Reporting

bs communicates with the Docker API to collect information about containers,
and report them to the tsuru API. The bs "component" responsible for that is
the status reporter (or simply reporter).

The status reporter can connect to the Docker API through TCP or Unix Socket.
It's recommended to use Unix socket, so application containers can't talk to
the Docker API. In order to do that, the docker:bs:socket configuration
entry must be defined to the path of Docker socket in the Docker node. If this
setting is not defined, bs will use the TCP endpoint.

After collecting the data in the Docker API, the reporter will send it to the
tsuru API, and may take a last action before exiting: it can detect and kill
zombie containers, i.e. application containers that are running, but are not
known by tsuru. It doesn't mess with any container not managed by tsuru.


bs is also a syslog server, that listens to logs from containers and multiplexes
them among other syslog servers and the tsuru API.

Whenever starting an application container, tsuru will configure Docker to send
the logs of the containers to bs using the
syslog logging driver,
having bs as the destination daemon.

When receiving the logs, bs will forward them to the tsuru API, so users can
check their logs using the command tsuru app-log. It can also forward the
logs to other syslog servers, using the docker:bs:syslog-forward-addresses
config entry. For more detail, check the
bs configuration reference.


bs also collect metrics from containers and send them to a metric database backend.
Supported backends are statsd and logstash.

The collected metrics are:

  • cpu_max
  • mem_max
  • mem_pct_max

The metric backend is configured by setting some enviroment variables in the bs container.
For more details check the bs enviroment variables.

Environment Variables

It's possible to set environment variables in started bs containers. This can be
done using the tsuru-admin bs-env-set command.

Some variables can be used to configure how the default bs application will
behave. A custom bs image can also make use of set variables to change their


STATUS_INTERVAL is the interval in seconds between status collecting and
reporting from bs to the tsuru API. The default value is 60 seconds.


SYSLOG_FORWARD_ADDRESSES is a comma separated list of SysLog endpoints to
which bs will forward the logs from Docker containers. Log entries will be
rewritten to properly identify the application and process responsible for the
entry. The default value is an empty string, which means that bs will not
forward logs to any syslog server, only to tsuru API.


SYSLOG_TIMEZONE which timezone to use when forwarding log to SysLog servers.
The timezone format must be a location existing in the IANA Time Zone


METRICS_INTERVAL is the interval in seconds between metrics collecting and
reporting from bs to the metric backend. The default value is 60 seconds.


METRICS_BACKEND is the metric backend. Supported backends are logstash and statsd.


METRICS_LOGSTASH_CLIENT is the client name used to identify who is sending the metric.
The default value is tsuru.


METRICS_LOGSTASH_PORT is the Logstash port. The default value is 1984.


METRICS_LOGSTASH_HOST is the Logstash host. The default value is localhost.


METRICS_ELASTICSEARCH_HOST is the Elastisearch host. This environ is used by
tsuru-dashboard to show graphics with the metrics data.


METRICS_STATSD_PREFIX is the prefix for the Statsd key. The key is composed by
{prefix}tsuru.{appname}.{hostname}. The default value is an empty string "".


METRICS_STATSD_PORT is the Statsd port. The default value is 8125.


METRICS_STATSD_HOST is the Statsd host. The default value is localhost.


BS_DEBUG is a boolean value used to determine whether debug logs will be
printed. The default value is false.

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