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Simple container that implements a very basic WebSocket proxy.

It's built as an example of using nginx in front of bokeh so many of the
defaults are based around that.


You must provide WEB_URL as an environment variable when running this
container. It sets the location to proxy to. For example, if you want to
proxy to on port 5006, you should run this container like

docker run --name=bokeh --rm -P \
  -e WEB_URL= \

You can also specify the WEBSOCKET_URL (only required if different than the
WEB_URL), as well as the WEBSOCKET_LOCATION. The latter is used when you
need to specify a particular PATH that is used for WebSocket communication.
This value defaults to /bokeh/sub.

This container exposes ports 80 and 443 by default, so using -P or
--publish-all auto-assigns those ports.

Using Outside of Docker

You can use this as an example to build your own configuration as there is
little inside the nginx.conf file other than the basic configuration. To
let Docker generate your configuration: run this container as shown above then

docker exec bokeh cat /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Adjust the name bokeh to match whatever you called your container. You can
pipe that output to a file or simply copy-n-paste the output. Adjust as needed.

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