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A Nginx + PHP 7.0 (FPM) base container. Builds upon on the phusion/baseimage-docker container.
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A Nginx + PHP 7.0 (FPM) base container. Builds upon on the excellent phusion/baseimage-docker container. You can find the docker automated build here.


The machine is configured to user America/Sao_Paulo timezone. The Nginx configuration is ready to run a Laravel app.


All services are defined and managed using the phusion/baseimage methodology. Logs are output using syslog and can be accessed using docker logs {container}.

  • Nginx (lastest)
  • PHP-FPM (7.0)
  • Node.JS (lastest)
  • XTERM environment support w/colors

Default Settings

The container sets up a www root folder in the following location:


As a final task a demo index.php is copied to this location.

Web Root

The following folder is specified as the default root web folder:


Note that the /var/www/public is the root folder for serving PHP files for your web server.

Build Folder (within repo)

Contains nginx config files as well as php-fpm configs ( Also include file that offloads tasks from the Dockerfile to reduce layers.


This image supports mysql.

Docker Pull Command