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test for tsn
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MUST (on run):

  run with shared volume on ts-test repository with /home/ts-test
  run with env file (this will be populated with  
  run with env COMMAND to specify what command to pass


 the working dir for the container is /home/ts-test/TSE/robot


 statically set to /home/ts-test, ie must share repo with /home/ts-test

  geared for dynamic population of env variables for container
  populates  pwd with env.file to pass as --env-file to docker run
  if a --env-file already exists you may use that too

example execution:

Tools/docker/; docker run --privileged -v /root/ts-test:/home/ts-test -it -e COMMAND="pybot -i TestAgain Accuracy_Testing" --env-file env.file ttsecure/tsn-test
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