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Simple source code analysis and visualization for Git, written in Go
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This hack was written by @defermat and @schvin as a submission in the first Gopher Gala over the weekend of 24-25 January, 2015. Please give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Analysis of large source code repositories is always interesting, especially over long periods of time. Fun and useful to see various characteristics by language, who was actively contributing in a project, or when activity peaked. After coming across blessed, we knew we had a quick way visualize the analysis with no fuss or complications.

Target audience is other developers or consumers of development projects. Easy to glean more information about a project by looking at the source from a high-level viewpoint.


Quick screencast demo and walkthrough is available here on Youtube:

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Screenshot of the --viz=true output from the GitHub/Hub repository:

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Similarly from the Docker/Docker repository:

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Dependencies for manual installation


If using the -viz option, you'll need to have blessed-contrib installed. bron expects the blessed-contrib src directory to be a cousin to the bron src directory.

For example if your bron src directory is located at:


Then your blessed-contrib src directory should be located somewhere like this:


After installing blessed-contrib be sure and copy over the dashboards directory from bron like so:

cp -R dashboards ../../yaronn/blessed-contrib/

Automated installation methods

Run on Nitrous:

Run on Docker:

Note, the Docker image (from the Hub or from source) will already include all of the above mentioned dependencies, so you can skip those steps.

Get it from the Docker Hub:

docker pull tubesandlube/bron
docker run -it bron -h

Or, build it yourself:

git clone
cd bron
docker build -t bron .
docker run -it bron -h

Install using Go:

go get
bron -h

Using Docker volumes to persist results

docker run -it -v /home/go/src/github/gophergala/bron/db:/go/src/ bron -viz
Docker Pull Command
Source Repository