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Docker for HAFT (Hardware Assisted Fault Tolerance)
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HAFT (Hardware Assisted Fault Tolerance)

HAFT is a compiler framework that transforms unmodified multithreaded applications to support fault detection via instruction-level replication (ILR) and fault recovery via hardware transactional memory (HTM, in our case Intel TSX). See HAFT paper for details.


Get image

[sudo] docker pull tudinfse/haft

Run Parsec 3.0 and Phoenix Pthread benchmarks

Start container:

[sudo] docker run -it --privileged=true -v $(pwd)/data:/data  --name=haft_container tudinfse/haft

Inside container:

  • Install benchmarks
./ install
  • Run benchmarks (caution! - may take a couple of days to perform all tests). Argument --num_runs sets the number of times each benchmark is executed.
./ performance_tests --num_runs n

When finished, results will be located in data/parsec_raw.txt and data/phoenix_raw.txt.

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