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Before compile the Outlook Adding Project you need the Tulpep code singing certificate installed in your computer.

To test Stripe webhooks in Test envioroment use Ultrahook:

ultrahook -k qnOGZ2XFdf5Hos2LQlBVUv42LspscoG0 stripe 44301

To develop Tulpep.Signtul.OutlookAddin you neeed to have /Signtul/packages/ in the project bin/debug folder name as Update.exe

To create a new build release for Outlook Addin run something like

Squirrel --releasify SigntulOutlookAddIn.2.4.2.nupkg -i favicon.ico -n "/t /sha1 b0b4ba100d967333f51d3f01bec522353af82fb4"

Keep old Releases folder preloaded to generate delta update package

To develop Tulpep.ADSigntul you neeed to debug in X86, due Akavache

To Add Access to a KeyVault use
Set-AzureKeyVaultAccessPolicy -VaultName 'SigntulDev' -ServicePrincipalName e2686e98-5f46-41ba-b55f-9cc4d3580f8a

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