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Short Description
Docker image running GLPI with PHP5.6
Full Description

Docker GLPI

This images contains an instance of GLPI web application served by nginx and php5-fpm on port 80

Docker Informations

  • This image expose the following port
Port Usage
80/tcp HTTP web application
  • This image takes theses environnements variables as parameters
Environment Type Usage
GLPI_REMOVE_INSTALLER Boolean (yes/no) Set to yes if it's not the first installation of glpi
GLPI_CHMOD_PATHS_FILES Boolean (yes/no) Set to yes to apply chmod/chown on /var/www/files (useful for host mount)
(deprecated) GLPI_PLUGINS String (will be removed on 3.0) Space separated list of plugins to install (see below)
GLPI_INSTALL_PLUGINS String Comma separated list of plugins to install (see below)

The GLPI_INSTALL_PLUGINS variable must contains the list of plugins to install (download) before start glpi.
This environment variable is a comma separated list of plugins definitions. Each plugin definition must be like this "PLUGINNAME|URL".
The PLUGINNAME is the name of the first folder in plugin archive and will be the glpi's name of the plugin.
The URL is the full URL from which to download the plugin. This url can contains some compressed file extensions, in some case the installer script will not be able to extract it, so you can create an issue with specifying the unhandled file extension.
These two items are separated by a pipe symbol.

To summurize, the GLPI_INSTALL_PLUGINS variable must follow the following skeleton GLPI_INSTALL_PLUGINS="name1|url1,name2|url2"
For better example see at the end of this file.

  • The following volume is exposed by this image
Volume Usage
/var/www/files The data path of GLPI
/var/www/config The configuration path of GLPI


  • Manual
git clone
docker build -t turgon37/glpi .
  • or Automatic
docker pull turgon37/glpi


The first time you run this image, set the GLPI_REMOVE_INSTALLER variable to 'no', then after this first installation set it to 'yes' to remove the installer.

Without database link (you can use an ip address or a domain name in the installer gui)

docker run --name glpi --publish 8000:80 --volume data-glpi:/var/www/files --volume data-glpi-config:/var/www/config turgon37/glpi

With database link (if you have any MySQL/MariaDB as a docker container)

docker run --name glpi --publish 8000:80 --volume data-glpi:/var/www/files --volume data-glpi-config:/var/www/config --link yourdatabase:mysql turgon37/glpi

Docker-compose Specific configuration examples

  • Production configuration with already installed GLPI with FusionInventory and dashboard plugin :
    image: turgon37/glpi
      - 'GLPI_INSTALL_PLUGINS=fusioninventory|'
      - 80
      - data-glpi-files:/var/www/files
      - data-glpi-config:/var/www/config
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