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Flight CLI client AWS Linux image
Full Description

This image can be used for testing the Flight CLI (sigcli) on and EC2 Linux instance. The image will load the following on start up (run):

  • production Flight CLI from Signiant web site
  • internal Flight CLI from S3://flightclient
  • create some test data

The image will run as the defined flight user (flightuser)
The flight user home folder is created in:

  • /home/flightuser

The Flight CLIs are contained in the flight users home folder:

  • /home/flightuser/flightcli/production (current production version from
  • /home/flightuser/flightcli/internal (current development build for test from s3://flightclient)

The test data folder in located at:

  • /home/flightuser/data

To run this image as a container use the following options:

    docker run -i -t <image> 

You will be at placed in the flight users home folder in a bash shell.

The image is build on the flightclient_centos7 image.

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