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Short Description
Load Generator which fetches stored tweets from Elasticsearch and republishes them into SQS.
Full Description

SQS Tweet Load Producer

This component fetches messages from Elasticsearch before publishing them into SQS.

Build and Deploy

In order to build this project as well as deploy a new image to docker hub, perform the following steps:

  • Invoke mvn package to install and package the project into a JAR located in the target folder.

  • Login to your account to dockerhub: docker login

  • From the root of this project, build a new docker image with the respective version: docker build -t tweetsentimentanalysis/tweet-producer:0.0.1 -t tweetsentimentanalysis/tweet-producer:latest .
  • Run docker push tweetsentimentanalysis/tweet-producer:0.0.1 to deploy to dockerhub

Get the container

If you do not want to build the container by your own, you may use the following to get the image from DockerHub:
docker pull tweetsentimentanalysis/tweet-producer:latest

Run the container

After you have built the container, you may run it using the following command:

docker run -e ES_HOST='....' -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="..." -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="..." tweetsentimentanalysis/tweet-producer:latest

which runs the container, i.e. consumes tweets and publishes them to SQS.
Use the appropriate credentials for this.

Remove built images

In order to clean up, you may want to remove the previously created image and container:

  • Run docker ps -a in order list created containers.
  • Choose the corresponding container id and invoke docker stop <ID> && docker rm <ID>
  • Run docker images to list all created images
  • Run docker rmi <ID> with the id of the image to remove it
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