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Fork of totem/celery-flower-docker using flower 0.9.1
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Docker container for monitoring celery

Running with docker

In order to run flower using docker , run

sudo docker run -it --rm --name flower -p 5555:5555 totem/celery-flower-docker

Access Flower

To access flower go to url:
The default credentials for the flower instance is username:root password:changeit.
(It is highly recommended to change the default credentials. See run configuration.)

If your are using dynamic port mapping using (-P), inspect the container to determine the mapped
port for 5555.

Run Configuration (Environment Variables)

Env Variable Description Default Value (Docker)
FLOWER_PORT Port to be used by flower 5555
AMQP_USERNAME Rabbitmq broker username guest
AMQP_PASSWORD Rabbitmq broker password guest
AMQP_HOST Rabbitmq host
AMQP_PORT Rabbitmq port 5672
AMQP_ADMIN_USERNAME Rabbitmq admin username guest
AMQP_ADMIN_PASSWORD Rabbitmq admin password guest
AMQP_ADMIN_HOST Rabbitmq admin host
AMQP_ADMIN_PORT Rabbitmq admin port 15672
FLOWER_MAX_TASKS Max tasks to be stored in memory. 3600
FLOWER_BASIC_AUTH Authentication for flower (username:passowrd) root:changeit
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