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TwistedStream Web App

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This web app demonstrates the use of:


To run in local development mode:

# if not running iojs v1
nvm use iojs-v1

# if you haven't installed dependencies yet
npm install
bower install

# if you haven't created a .env file yet
echo JWT_SECRET="I am a fake mountain." >> .env
echo SANDBOX_TIMEOUT=1000 >> .env
echo GOOGLE_DOCS_RESUME_BASE_EXPORT_URL="http://resume.url/?id=foo" >> .env

# run the dev server
gulp dev

The app can then be accessed at: http://localhost:5000/

To execute the app in a local Docker container (running in boot2docker):

# if boot2docker is not running
boot2docker start

# if the shell hasn't been initialized
$(boot2docker shellinit)

# build the image, run the container (with configuration), and launch a browser
sh my-jwt-secret \
    1000 \ \

The app will automatically open up in your default browser.

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