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Eclipse Neon and Oracle Java 8 running on XFCE desktop over VNC
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Eclipse Neon for Java via VNC

This is a heavyweight image ~1.8Gb (sorry to all the Docker purists). It installs Oracle JDK 8 and the Eclipse Neon Java IDE on Ubuntu 16.04 with XFCE.

By running this container you must agree to the Oracle JDK 8 license agreement (

Using The Image

minimal docker run

docker run -d -p 5901:5901 --name eclipse twistify/eclipse-java-vnc

The desktop can then be viewed pointing your VNC client to your container's IP and port 5901.
The default vnc password is: eclipse
The default user (who has sudo privileges) is: eclipse
The default user's password is: eclipse
The default desktop resolution is: 1024x768

advanced usage

The following environment variables are available to customize your container


Use to customize the vnc password.

default: VNC_PASSWORD=eclipse


Use the customize the vnc desktop size.

default VNC_RESOLUTION=1024x768


Use to change the desktop owner's username.
Note: this user can run root commands using sudo.

default USERNAME=eclipse


Use to change the desktop owner's password.

default PASSWORD=eclipse



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