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Google Cloud Platform Node.js Docker Image

This repository contains the source for the docker image. This image can be used as the base image for running applications on Google App Engine Managed VMs, Google Container Engine, or any other Docker host.

This image is based on Debian Jessie and includes nodejs and npm installed from

App Engine

To generate a Dockerfile that uses this image as a base, use the Cloud SDK:

gcloud preview app gen-config --custom 

You can then modify the Dockerfile and .dockerignore as needed for you application.

Container Engine & other Docker hosts.

For other docker hosts, you'll need to create a Dockerfile based on this image that copies your application code and installs dependencies. For example:


    # Copy application code.
    COPY . /app/

    # Install dependencies.
    RUN npm --unsafe-perm install

By default, the CMD is set to npm start. You can change this by specifying your own CMD or ENTRYPOINT.

Installing a different Node.js version

The image includes the install_node script that can be used to install a particular Node.js version. For example:


    # Install node.js 0.12.7
    RUN install_node v0.12.7

    # Copy application code.
    COPY . /app/

    # Install dependencies.
    RUN npm --unsafe-perm install

Node.js is installed with binary packages hosted on a Google-provided mirror.

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