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Hubot & Node-PowerShell Slack Bot
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Contains a hubot instance at c:\poshhubot (see for the guide I followed) with lots of useful scripts and things - you can see (some) of them at Anyway, docker cp the following to c:\poshhubot\config.json' once you have filled in the various api keys and you should be good to go:

"Path": "C:\PoshHubot\config.json",
"BotAdapter": "slack",
"BotDebugLog": {
"IsPresent": true
"BotDescription": "chatbot",
"BotPath": "C:\PoshHubot",
"BotOwner": "Tom",
"LogPath": "C:\PoshHubot\Logs",
"BotName": "crobot",
"ArgumentList": "--adapter slack",
"BotExternalScriptsPath": "C:\PoshHubot\external-scripts.json",
"PidPath": "C:\PoshHubot\",
"EnvironmentVariables": {
"HUBOT_ADAPTER": "slack",
"HUBOT_LOG_LEVEL": "debug",
"HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN": <slack token>,
"REDIS_URL": "redis://localhost:6379",
"COMVIS_KEY": <MS Computer Vision API>,
"LUIS_SUB": <LUIS subscription key>,
"LUIS_APP": <LUIS application key>,
"ST2_API_KEY": <StackStorm API key>,
"ST2ip": <StackStorm IP Address>,
"TRANSLATOR_KEY": <MS translation API>

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