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ora2pg setup in fedora image
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When you've pulled the twyn/ora2pg image, you're almost ready to go. Here's a basic step-by-step instruction for the best possible using experience.

Create a volume for your container:

  • Create the directory
  • mkdir /tmp/ora2pg && mkdir /tmp/ora2pg/data
  • Make sure you've set the right permissions (better run everything as root/admin)
  • chmod 777 -R /tmp/ora2pg
  • This directory shall act as the bridge between your host system and your container

Start the container:

  • Go right to bash of the container and make sure to mount the volume
  • docker run -i -t --rm --privileged=true -v /tmp/ora2pg/data:/data --name ora2pg twyn/ora2pg /bin/bash
  • Go into the data directory
  • cd data
  • You're in the container now (and thus in the remote folder /tmp/ora2pg/data on your host system, too), use ora2pg on your behalf

How to use ora2pg:

  • Create a new ora2pg project or use the existing sample one
  • ora2pg --project_base /data --init_project ora2pg_your_project
  • Make changes to the projects according to your needs
  • Run your ora2pg operations, check for more documentation on ora2pg
  • You can see your changes in the /data folder in the /tmp/ora2pg/data directory of your host system
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