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Tyk Dashboard in docker
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Official Tyk Dashboard Docker Build

This container only contains the Tyk Dashboard, the Tyk Gateway is provided as a seperate
container and needs to be set up and running (with dashboard enabled) before it will work with this


  1. Ensure you have set up Redis, Mongo and Tyk Gateway containers

  2. Set up the docker instance IP as the dashboard hostname (in your /etc/hosts file or as a DNS): dashboard.tyk.docker

  3. Run the dashboard

    docker run -d --name tyk_dashboard -p 3000:3000 --link tyk_redis:redis --link tyk_mongo:mongo--link tyk_gateway:tyk_gateway tykio/tyk-dashboard

  4. You should now be able to access your Dashboard at http://dashboard.tyk.docker:3000/ (note for OSX users, replace with whatever IP address your docker VM runs)

  5. Grab the bootstrap script from our tyk-dashboard github repo and run:

    ./ dashboard.tyk.docker

To use an external configuration files, use the -v option to mount
it over /opt/tyk-dashboard/tyk_analytics.conf

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