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Keep your DNS records for your own domains updated with this UnoEuro DDNS script.
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Keep your DNS records for your own domains updated with this UnoEuro DDNS script. UnoEuro provides a free DNS service for your private domains. You can move all your domains for free and have them managed at UnoEuro.


docker create \
  --name=UnoEuroDNS \
  -e DOMAIN=<domain> \
  -e HOSTNAME=<hostname> \
  -e APIKEY=<apikey> \
  -e PUSHBULLET_ACCESS_TOKEN=<access_token>


  • -e DOMAIN The name of the domain (product) you wish to update (without www). Can be in punycode format. Ie. ""
  • -e HOSTNAME The name of the A record you wish to update. The domain should not be appended to this. Ie. use "home", not ""
  • -e APIKEY The API key for the UnoEuro account. Found in UnoEuro's controlpanel
  • -e PUSHBULLET_ACCESS_TOKEN The access token for the Pushbullet API. Found on . Leave empty for disabling this feature.

Setting up the application

Make sure your domain's DNS is managed by UnoEuro and retrieve your Api-key ( Then run the docker create command above with your domain, hostname and apikey
It will update your IP with the UnoEuro DNS service every 5 minutes. Optionally specify your Pushbullet access token to receive notifications if the IP was updated or something went wrong.


  • Shell access whilst the container is running: docker exec -it UnoEuroDNS /bin/bash
  • Upgrade to the latest version: docker restart UnoEuroDNS
  • To monitor the logs of the container in realtime: docker logs -f UnoEuroDNS


  • 2016/07/11:
    • Changed to baseimage to lsiobase/alpine with s6 overlays
  • 2016/09/02:
    • Fixed a response check, as UnoEuro's Api changed
  • 2016/07/10:
    • Added support for Pushbullet notifications (optional)
    • Update to latest phusion baseimage (0.9.19)
  • 2016/04/29:
    • Initial release
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