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A Dockerized Factom Sandbox

Factom is a general purpose data layer for the blockchain.


It's assumed that you are familiar with Docker and have it installed. Dive into the Docker Docs if not.

Quick start

Run a sandbox container in background:

docker run -d --name factom-sandbox tyrone98/factom

Execute factom-cli in the running container:

docker exec -it factom-sandbox factom-cli properties

Expose ports

This container exposes the following TCP ports: 8088, 8089 and 8090. You can bind them to your host machine:

docker run -d -p 8088:8088 -p 8089:8089 -p 8090:8090 tyrone98/factom:sandbox

Retrieve logs

Because Supervisor is used to run both factomd and fctwalled inside one container, docker logs will retrieve logs from supervisord. Follow factomd logs by running:

docker exec -it factom-sandbox tail -f /root/.factom/factom-d.log

Same for fctwallet:

docker exec -it factom-sandbox tail -f /root/.factom/fctwallet.log

Data persistence

It's recommended to mount a data volume at /root/.factom to persist Factom's data:

docker run -d -v /root/.factom --name factom tyrone98/factom

Factom configuration

According to these recommendations several changes to factomd.conf were made:

  • NodeMode is set to SERVER
  • ExchangeRate is 00000100
  • fctwallet listens on
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