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Docker container with a PyData stack and JupyterHub server and sample users

PyData multi-user IPython/Jupyter notebook server docker container using JupyterHub and conda.


This repository is inspired by the following projects:

This differs from Wiecki's original repo in that:

  • Users (alice, bob and cassandra) are created in the container as users have
    been prepopulated and the script is called
  • Users are deleted from the container if their line starts with a dash
  • If you inherit from this docker container,
    to delete alice, bob and cassandra, prepend the users with
  • Note that the file called users has a line for every user that looks like this <user>,<password>
  • Note also that final line should be blank (don't have the EOF on the last user line)
  • Users should change their passwords the first time they log in by opening a terminal window through their jupyter instance and running the passwd command. They will require a rather stringent password with a variety of character types.
  • Users can share notebooks by saving into ~/shared_nbs/
  • An external volume is available for mounting via ~/shared_nbs/EXTERNAL
# replace DOCKER_IMAGE with your own docker image (for me it's tzaffi/edlab-jupyterhub):
docker build -t DOCKER_IMAGE .
# the following could take a L O N G time. Consider setting up automated deploys.
docker push DOCKER_IMAGE

To develop, build and run the docker:

git clone
# MODIFY users approapriately
# Later, each user can change their password from an iPython terminal browser window 
# with the passwd caommand
cd edlab-jupyterhub
docker build -t DOCKER_IMAGE .
sudo docker run -it -p 80:80 -v $(pwd):/opt/shared_nbs DOCKER_IMAGE ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser

To pull without building and immediately run the docker:

docker pull tzaffi/edlab-jupyterhub .
sudo docker run -it -p 80:80 -v $(pwd):/opt/shared_nbs tzaffi/edlab-jupyterhub ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser
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