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Docker testbed for CFEngine policies.
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Build it like this: make build

Run it like this: make run LOGDIR=/tmp/log

This invocation:

  • will output the logs from the test to
    /tmp/log/PLATFORM/YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS which is a timestamped
    directory so you can run multiple tests. The platform is things like
    fedora and ubuntu.

If you run make build TARGETS=fedora or make run TARGETS=fedora then only
those targets will be run or built instead of all of them.

Design Center support

If you run make run WITH_SKETCHES=/my/path/design-center/sketches then that
path will be mounted under /var/cfengine/design-center/sketches so both the
container and you can access and modify them. The Design Center policy will
install the sketches from that directory, so this is a very convenient way to
test your own sketches.

If you run make run WITH_ACTIVATIONS=/my/path/activations.json then that path
will be mounted under /opt/local/inputs/ and determine
what sketches from the Design Center (either the Design Center sketch
repository, or the path you gave to WITH_SKETCHES above) are installed and
activated. By default, that file tells the policy to install the Design Center
System::motd sketch with a single activation (see


  • build CFEngine from source
Docker Pull Command
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