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Ready to use Docker environment for Apache Bigtop
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Apache Bigtop Docker Environment

Ready to use Docker environment for Apache Bigtop. Based on CentOS and equipped with all necessary tools and libraries. To use the image follow the instructions bellow or read the How-To Guide.

1. Installation

  • Install Docker.
  • Configure Docker Host - Use at least 4GB of memory. You can add 8GB of memory to the boot2docker host like this: boot2docker delete; boot2docker init -m 8192; boot2docker up; export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://<Docker Host IP>:2375)
  • Download trusted build from public Docker Registry: docker pull tzolov/bigtop-centos (alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile: docker build -t="tzolov/my-apache-bigtop-environment:1.0.0"
  • Start a container with the latest image: docker run --rm -t -i -v /rpm:/rpm tzolov/bigtop-centos /bin/bash

2. How to Build Bigtop RPMs

Created RPMs are stored into /home/bigtop/bigtop/build/**/rpm/RPMS/**/*.rpm folder.

To build an RPM for a single project use ./gradlew <project name>-rpm. For example to build Spark RPM do:

# Build Spark RPM
cd ~/bigtop
./gradlew spark-rpm

To build all Bigtop RPMS use ./gradlew rpm:

# Build all RPMs
cd ~/bigtop
./gradlew rpm

To list all gradle tasks run cd ~/bigtop && ./gradlew tasks.

3. Download built RPMs

Copy the RPMs from the local folder /home/bigtop/bigtop/build/**/rpm/RPMS/**/*.rpm into the shared with the host folder /rpm

sudo cp /home/bigtop/bigtop/build/**/rpm/RPMS/**/*.rpm /rmp

In turn you can copy from the Docker Host into local folder:

scp -rp docker@<Docker Host IP>:/rpm/*.rpm <your local folder>

(default docer password: tcuser)

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