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Centos 6.9 image intended to be very close to our production environment.
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rubyplus-centos image

This image derived from official centos 6.9 image, it will be used to create HydraNorth docker image that is very close to our production environment. It adds our own proprietary rpm yum repositories.


  1. Install Docker

Building ruby_base:centos69 image

  1. Clone current project:
    git clone
  2. Go to the directory where you cloned the project

    docker build . -t ualibraries/ruby_base:centos69

    Alternatively you can always pull pre-build image from docker hub

    docker pull ualibraries/ruby_base:centos69


University of Alberta maintains a Docker Hub repository at
Docker image is registered with Docker Hub:
rubyplus-centos image

To update the Docker Hub repository:

  1. name your local using the ualibraries username and the repository name

    • docker build -t ualibraries/ruby_base:centos69 .`
  2. push to the Docker Hub registry - docker push <hub-user>/<repo-name>:<tag>

    • `docker push ualibraries/ruby_base:centos69

Upgrading local container

To upgrade to a newer release of ruby_base

  • find name of your running container using

    • docker ps command (NAMES column)
  • stop currently running image:

    • docker stop ${container_name}
  • Removed the stopped container:

    • docker rm -v ${container_name}
  • download the updated Docker image:

    • `docker pull ualibraries\ruby_base:centos69
  • Start the updated Docker image:

    • docker run ...

Frequently used commands

Docker Pull Command

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